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Live energy and water monitoring

Click on any of the buttons below to view a live energy and water monitoring dashboard for some of Curtin's core buildings at Bentley Campus.

Library B105 Chancellory B100

Engineering Pavilion B215 Engineering General B204 Engineering Civil B206

Live visualisation of Curtin’s average daily energy use

Curtin University has implemented an innovative energy and water monitoring system across every major campus and campus building. We automatically read hundreds of electricity, gas, potable water, ground water, and thermal energy meters to track and manage resource use and enhance sustainability.

Every time you turn on a tap or switch off a light in a Curtin building, we're monitoring that water or energy use. We then use the data for benchmarking and reporting, to drive operational efficiency, and to direct investment in new energy and water savings projects. We also make the data available to the wider University community.

greensense energy monitoring dashboard

Since rolling out the monitoring across our campuses, we have embarked on a number of projects to use that information to provide live data updates to our students, staff and campus visitors. Want to take a look? Check out our live Posterboards on floors 4, 5 and 6 of the T.L. Robertson Library at Bentley Campus.