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Report a Safety Concern

We aim to provide a safe and secure environment for the Curtin community. If you have any concerns about the safety and wellbeing of any member of our community you can help them by advising our Safer Community Team.

What you should report

  • Threats of suicide or self-harm.
  • Threats of physical violence towards others.
  • Any alleged criminal acts including: assault, domestic violence, stalking.
  • Mental Health concerns which have an effect on students and/or staff of the university community.
  • Students who have been reported as missing by Curtin employees or family members.

How to make a report

If you observe an incident or behaviour of concern that you feel needs to be brought to the attention of Security you may either phone our Safer Community Team on +61 8 9266 4444 or simply fill out a confidential online form.

Report Your Concerns

Confidentiality Policy


Service Centre +61 8 9266 2020
Safety & Security +61 8 9266 4444
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A free app for students, staff and visitors that directly connects you to the Bentley Campus Security team when you need urgent help or first aid.

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